Sunday, June 19, 2011

totally slack!

Mum says that I have been totally slack and I should write more. She's probably right but as I have said many times before SHE DOES THE TYPING 'cose I CAN'T so it's not me being slack at all. It's her!
She said she's been busy with her farm but I've never been to any farm and me and Hine are with her pretty much all the time so I dunno what she's talking about. Dad said not to worry, she's just having a Farmville binge on Facebook and she'll get over it.
I really don't know what they are talking about, all I do know is that heaps has been happening, it's going to take ages to catch up with all the news. The worst news is ........

She's still grumpy and she's still fat and Eddie and her still hate each other. Mum has to lock her in the bedroom when the BlackCats are out 'cose she said there would be big trouble otherwise. The other day FatPoo managed to give Mum the slip and meet up with Eddie at the garage door. Boy, fat cats can really move fast when they have to, I didn't think we'd ever see her again!!!
I was wrong, all Mum had to do was shake the cat bickies and FatPoo turned up again. Actually I think Eddie should have gotten the bickies for chasing her in the first place!