Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grandma and FatPoo

Wow ....... I heard some strange news about FatPoo yesterday.
Mum and Dad were talking about people called Grandma and Grandad. Mum said I haven't met them yet because they have been overseas for the winter but now it's nearly Summer time they will be coming back from America. I thought that was rather good news because I quite like meeting new people and Mum said that Grandma would probably like to go to the dog park with us for walks.
Then you could have knocked me over with a feather 'cose Dad said that when Grandma came back then FatPoo was going. It really is a strange family that I have. Mum and this Grandma person seem to have decided to share a cat - FatPoo! When Mum and Dad were moving here from their old house it took so long that FatPoo moved to Grandma and Grandad's house and stayed there for ages. When they went to America for the winter FatPoo came back to our house, but Grandma wants her to go back and live with them when they come home.
All rather confusing really but sounds good to me. I think that this Grandma person must be really weird to actually want to live with FatPoo. I wonder if she'd like Eddie as well?


Mum says this is why spaghetti is not on the recommended list of 'Top food for Dogs', it makes us look really dorky when we eat it. She also told Dad off for feeding me people food in bed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yesterday Mum said we were going to get a budgie then we would go to the dog park. I was quite looking forward to that until she went into the birdroom and bought out a cage. I guessed then that a budgie isn't a new toy.

This is Richter and he got lost when the big earthquake made the ground wobble. The lady that found him couldn't find his owners so yesterday Mum went and got him. He chattered all the way home in the car but I told him he would have to be louder than that if he wanted anyone to hear him in the birdroom.
I think the earthquake must have rattled his little head quite a bit 'cose he likes to hang upside down. I don't think he knows which way up is.

When we got to the dog park Mum said that Richter had to stay in the car. I'm pleased I'm not a budgie ...... no dog park!

the Frisbee

Dad says that when he throws the Frisbee I'm suppose to jump in the air and catch it. How stupid. It would probably hit me in the head if I tried to do that.

A Frisbee isn't like a ball that you can pick up when you've chased it. Frisbees are flat and when they land on the ground you can't pick them up 'cose your nose is in the way. They are quite a stupid toy really and I figure they are only good to play with at the beach. Dad throws it, I don't leap in the air to catch it but instead wait for it to land on the sand, then I dig a hole under it so I can pick it up. Clever A?

Visitors and no Chihuahua

The visitors that Mum said were coming to see her actually did come to see me. I know this 'cose it was me that they said was gorgeous and I got all the pats, not her. Mum's friends even said that FatPoo really was fat so they are definitely my friends now.

Mum said that I was a 'greaser' but I'm sure visitors don't mind if I lean on them and cover them with hair. Dad says that I'm the hairiest goofuss he's ever met and when he showed Mum all my hair that he had gotten off the carpet she said there was enough to make a Chihuahua.

Well I didn't get a Chihuahua but Mum bought me a Frisbee.

stitches out-ch!

I was brave and the stitches are gone.

This isn't a very glamorous picture of the procedure so I tried to hide my face, but I must say it was good that I didn't have to see the vet at all. Mum's friends are nurses and they took the stitches out.
Gail isn't really holding me down, she was just patting me 'cose I'm so lovely, and Christine did a wonderful job of removing the itchy little stitches until the last one when she cut herself with the scalpel. I am very sorry about that but I'm also very relieved that it wasn't me that had to squeal. I would have squealed louder! She said that was the first time she had done that in 30 years but I'm not sure that made her feel any better.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm still bored!!!

I'm still bored and I've been in trouble quite a bit. I really can't see what's wrong with getting into the backseat of the car when Mum leaves me on my own. It's not as if anyone else is using it. She says that I'm not allowed and if I keep doing it there will be trouble but I think if I keep doing it she'll just give up making a fuss about it. Sheesh, what more trouble can there be? She's already had me neutered!

Tomorrow I'm suppose to being going to the vet to get my stitches out. I'm not too sure about that. When Mum says 'vet' it makes me very uncomfortable. She said that getting stitches taken out isn't a big deal, all I know is, the last time I went to a vet the bits he took out were a big deal. Well I thought so anyway!
We're suppose to be having visitors tomorrow as well. Mum's friends are going to come and see me. They are coming all the way from Motueka which is were Mum and Dad used to live. Mum says that they're not coming just to see me but I bet they are, and I bet when they do meet me they'll say I'm 'lovely'. Everyone does.
Mum says I'm getting a fat head and a false sense of importance. I have no idea what she means.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm bored.

I'm bored ..... and Mum thought I'd enjoy going out in the car. I did until I realised we were going to the wool shop and not the dog park! There was an earthquake while she was in the shop and she was taking AGES so I jumped over the back seat. When she came out I was still bored but then I was in trouble as well. Sheesh!

We had to go and get bird food and Mum must have been feeling sorry for me 'cose she stopped at the little dog park and said I wasn't to run around too much. The park has moved! The gates don't shut any more and there are holes and cracks in the ground. Some of them even had sand in them and Mum said that was called liquefaction and happens in an earthquake. It didn't make much sense to me, I was just pleased to be there 'cose I really had to have a bit of 'liquid action' myself. I needed to pee!

I'm going to pray (paws folded) that there are no more earthquakes tonight 'cose I don't want the dog park to move any more. If it moves too far we might not be able to find it again!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Earthquake safety

I'll be glad when it's next week, this one sorta sucked really. Earthquakes and neutering are not my favourite things. I feel a lot better now but Mum said that the vet said I wasn't allowed to go to the dog park for 5 days! I think that is totally not cool 'cose I would love to go for a run.

Mum said that she would rather stay near home in case there is another big quake but I think we would be safer at the dog park. At least the roof wouldn't fall on us and I've been practising what we were told to do on the T.V. You have to drop on the floor and cover your head, see, I can do that.

Today was just another boring day at home and Mum decided to clean the bathroom. She said that now it was nice and clean she would be really p***ed off if the roof fell in on it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What an AWESOME idea. Where's FatPoo?

we need a bigger table.

I think Mum is feeling sorry that I had to be neutered yesterday. I hope we don't get any more big earthquakes 'cose it not very comfortable having to try and run for safety. At least Dad is home with us. He can't go into the city to go to work so he has to stay home with us. He even moved all the chairs away from the table so we could get under it if we need to. He said if we had to get under there he didn't know how he would be able to get Mum back out though. If we do have to get under there I don't think it's going to be big enough, FatPoo sleeps there.

I hope there's no more earthquakes 'cos I'm sore and I don't want to be stuck under the table with Mum, Dad and FatPoo!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

just in case you felt the need ......

.... get well messages can be left here.
Cake could be couriered as posting would probably be too messy.


Today I learnt that neutering does not involve cake!

Monday, September 6, 2010

the day after

The day after an earthquake it's nice to have family over for dinner. Mum said that stew is real comfort food but I don't think so. I didn't feel very comforted 'cose roast meat falls from heaven a lot better than stew does. I didn't get much.

I think Lycan would be very good in a civil emergency when he grows up. He can talk on two phones at once which I think is totally clever.

He's also really good at pushing buttons that make noises so I think he would be really good in an ambulance or fire engine too.

After a scary earthquake it's nice to share your bed. I just wish it was bigger.

the day the ground wobbled

That was a scary morning. It was dark and it was really night time still but we all got woken up by lots of roaring noise and the ground was shaking and wobbling. Mum couldn't stand up at all and I ran round and round in circles 'cose I figured we should go somewhere safer but couldn't think where. Then I ran round and round the other way and I guess I ended up where I started 'cose when the ground stopped moving I was back in the same place.
FatPoo just stayed in her bed and wouldn't move and when Dad went out to the bird room and cat room he said that the BlackCats were all in the same bed and looked like one huge black cat with 8 eyes. Cool! Everyone was OK and the only cage that fell over didn't have a bird in it so Mum was happy about that.

Then the lights went out and it was all dark again and it got really cold. Dad made Mum a cup of tea with hot water out of the tap and went and sat in his car to listen to the radio. When he came in he told Mum that it was a really bad earthquake and she should go out and listen to the radio too. I thought that since they were already sitting in the car it would be a good idea if we went to the dog park early. They didn't though and Mum said we had to go and check on Jaben and Sarah and Lycan and then go and check Grandma & Grandad's house 'cose it had probably slid down the hill and fallen in the sea!

The weekend before we had gone up to check on the house 'cose Grandma and Grandad are away and we stopped at the beach at the bottom of the hill. It was lots of fun and we walked through a huge big hole in the rock. Mum said it was a cave and Dad and I climbed up on top of it as well. Mum didn't, she was too wobbly. I chased lots of seagulls and then I saw another dog who was chasing gulls too. Dad said it was a Labradoodle so I said I would go and play. I was running towards it when all of a sudden 'woosh' it disappeared. I ran faster to see where it had gone and 'woosh' then I disappeared!
Dad said I looked like a torpedo as I hit the water and that I was a pathetic swimmer too. All I know is that there shouldn't be huge big holes under the water for poor dogs to run into. Mum said that there were signs that said 'beware of hidden holes' but Dad quickly pointed out, I can't read!

I hoped Grandma and Grandad's house hadn't fallen in the sea 'cose I sure as heck didn't want to have to jump in and fetch it. I hate water up my nose!
It hadn't and only a few things had fallen over and nothing had broken so that was good. I really like the house 'cose it has really cool stairs so I ran up and down them lots.

When we stopped at Jaben and Sarah's house I was so happy to see that Rizla was OK that I jumped over the back seat. Dad was so not happy about that. He made me get into the back again. I just forgot that I'm not allowed to do that, I think he could have cut me some slack though. After all it was a real civil emergency!

We drove home and there was lots of holes in the roads and buildings had fallen down and everything. Mum said it was really sad to see the city like that and Dad said 'There's been an earthquake. Why the hell does everyone want to buy petrol or McDonalds!' I just wanted to go to the dog park. I was thinking that maybe all that shaking had knocked my toy out of that big tree. We didn't go to the park but the bonus was, Mum said that since we had to conserve water I didn't have to have a shower this weekend. AWESOME!

It's been a strange few days but I think tomorrow is going to be better. Mum got off the phone this morning and said "Lucky you. The vet clinic is ok so you're still getting neutered tomorrow". Not sure what neutering means but I hope it more fun than swimming and, maybe there'll be cake.