Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who stinks?

I've been rather confused.

Mum and Dad kept saying "pooh you stink dog, you need a bath!". Seemed a bit strange to me 'cose neither of them had sniffed my butt. Mum said that I'd have to go to the groomer for a bath but Dad said I could have a shower. I really had no idea what they were talking about so I didn't worry about it.

I should have been worried!

Did I say how comfortable my new bed was?

It somehow seems even more comfortable in the morning when Mum says I have to go out to pee. I try to tell her that I don't need to pee but I don't think she believes me and makes me go outside ......

..... if you saw this through the window I bet you wouldn't need to pee either! It sure is cold out there and I think I hear my new bed calling me when I see this. I don't mind going out there when it's sunny and yesterday Mum showed me a really good place to sit.

She said that Dad had made it for Sasha but I could use it now.

I've been noticing that a lot of these new things I've been getting are second paw hand me downs. I'm not too proud to accept them and am very grateful so when Mum gave me some toys this morning and said that they had been Dino's I said "so who's this Dino dude and while we're on the subject, who's Sasha?".

Dino had been Mum and Dad's old dog. He was Dad's special mate and Mum said he was a bit of a doofus (Dino that is, not Dad) He hurt himself really badly and had to go to sleep and Mum and Dad were really sad for a long time. Sasha was Mum's dog. She was a bulldog so Dad was quite happy about her being just Mum's friend. (I guess he likes dogs that have big noses best) Sasha got real sick and she had to go to sleep too. Mum said it was O.K. though because when they woke up from their sleep they were at the
Rainbow Bridge and weren't sick or broken any more. I hope I meet Sasha and Dino when I go to the Rainbow Bridge and we can all play together.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

the day I got a real bed (and a bone!)

hi. Today was a totally good day!

Since being here I have learned that I'm not allowed to sleep on the beds or the couches. I sorta have a bed, it's an old blanket and at night I sleep on the floor beside Mum's bed.

The first night I was sure she must be cold so I thought I'd climb on the bed to help keep her warm. She wasn't cold ..... and she wasn't very happy about getting woken up either. Today I got a real bed and it's awesomely comfortable.

Mum said it's a family heirloom. I guess that's what really comfortable beds are called. She said that it had been Dino's bed but now I'm here I could have it.

We went to a different park today with our family. I'm really proud to have a family of my own now. I have a Jaben, a Sarah, a small one which is called Lycan and a dog!

She's called Rizla and we had lots of games and chasing with the other dogs at the park. I met a beagle called Tyler and a big black dog called Bear. I think that was his name, he let us help him chase the ball he was playing with and him and me had this really cool competition to see who could pee on the most trees. Rizla can't pee on trees and Tyler was too busy chatting her up to pee more than me or Bear.

There was also a little fluffy white dog that looked a bit like the teddy bear of Mum's that I found yesterday. I really thought it was for me because it was sitting on the floor so I'm very glad I was gentle with it because I think Mum would have growled a lot more if I had pulled his head off.

The other dog I met today was called Hazel and she was a pound dog too! Her Mum had just got her the week before my Mum got me and when we got home Dad said he remembered seeing her and had said to Mum 'what about her?'. Boy I'm glad they got me instead! I guess I really am lucky because she was really cute and I have heard that I'm not cute. In fact I heard Jaben tell Mum that I looked gay with my bandana on and I'm guessing he didn't mean I looked happy either.

Mum was feeling sore today so I helped her with the dishes this morning. I think she was pleased with the help because she told me I was good and that I was lucky we had a dish washer to put the pot in after I pre rinsed it.

I was sooooo good in fact that she would give me a bone when we came home from our walk.

She was looking rather wobbly today so I guess that's why we all went to the park instead of the plantation. She said that we might go to the beach with Dad in the weekend. I hope the beach is as much fun as the dog park!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the Plantation

Today we went to a place called the Plantation. Mum said that we would walk for half an hour and then walk back to the car. It was heaps of fun with lots of dogs to meet and play with. I didn't play with the little yappy dogs that started fighting though. I was going to say hello to them but then they started fighting each other so I went back to Mum to protect her. She told me I was a good dog not to go near them so I was happy.

I had a good long game with some other dogs that we met and I was the fastest runner. I even jumped over the top of the old dog who the lady said had arthritis. She was really slow and couldn't run very fast. Mum told the lady that she had arthritis too. I guess that's why she can't run fast either. Actually she can't run at all and now that I think about it, she doesn't walk too good some times. She told the lady that it was good having me for her dog because she had to take me for walks and she would get exercise too.

I think she got a bit too much exercise today because it wasn't nearly half an hour before she said we had to go back. She was getting really slow and was very pleased to get to the car again. I guess next time we might not go so far. She did say we would go there again.

When we got home I couldn't help it ..... I chased FatPoo! She can move pretty fast for a Fat cat! Mum said I was naughty so I promised to be good and go to sleep in the sun until tea time.

the first day of the rest of my life.

She told me that today is the first day of the rest of my life. Kinda cool really I guess, although I'm not too sure what that means. I do know that the 'rest of my life' is probably going to include not chasing cats and not sleeping on the couch or beds! Quite unfair really since the stupid cat that I'm not suppose to chase is allowed to sleep on the couch.

Yesterday just started out the same, another long day sitting in the pound except I heard someone say it was my last day. That was rather exciting because I was getting rather bored. She came and got me, paid my bail and I was outta there! Yahooo! The kind man at the pound said I could have a free neutering as a present. That sounds exciting, I can't wait. I wonder if that's like a party with cake and games. She says I'll have to wait until September to find out and that I might not be so happy about it then. I got a chip too. It's in my neck and it's a really high tech thing that will help me get found if I ever get lost again. What a day ..... I got sprung from doggy jail, I got a fancy chip thing and I'm getting neutered! Wow!

She said I could call her Mum now 'cose I was her dog and she was going to take me to the dog park before we went home. Her car was kinda cool although I wasn't allowed to sit on the back seat. She said that my special place was behind the back seat because it was just my size and it had a huge big window. She was right. It was just my size.

The dog park was fun. I didn't know what to do first, chase the ball, pee or make friends. I decided to do all of them. I made friends with a German Shepherd called Dizzy Lizzie and it was great to stretch my legs and run. Her Mum and my new Mum talked about how I didn't have a name while they stood and watched us. I'm not too keen on what they came up with ..... Van or Toby. Sheesh what goofy names. I hope I get a better name than those!

My new home is way cool although there are catsssssss, and I'm not allowed to chase them. I've met one called FatPoo (I hope I get a better name than that!) She's allowed on the couch which totally sux 'cose I'm not! She sits there and glares at me and swears and calls me names. She's very grumpy but then I guess having a name like FatPoo would make you grumpy really. Mum says to wait until I meet Eddie and when I do I'm not allowed to chase him either. Sheesh what a waste having all these cats is! I can see the other cats through the window of the cat room. A room full of cats sounds rather fun. I bet I could have a really good time in there.

There is also a bird room. Now that is awesome 'cose I just love chasing birds. These ones would be so easy to catch too because Mum's got them locked up in cages all ready for me. Boy I wish I was allowed in there!

As well as a Mum I've got a Dad too. I quite like him because he saved me from getting a dorky name. He called me Kuri which he told me was Maori for dog. I got Mum to Google it and it is also the name for a kitchen in a Zen monastery and a Japanese chestnut. Doesn't mean anything to me. I'm just pleased I got a better name than the cats. FatPoo, Spooky Munnis, Griselda Fuzzbutt, Professor Womble Freak and Edmund Womble Waggle! I'm just bluddy pleased I'm a dog called Kuri I tell you.