Wednesday, August 25, 2010

bad manners are NOT cool!

I'm not sure if I like the beach or the dog park better. We went to the dog park today and Mum managed to get to the second big gate again. She was definitely getting wobbly on the way back to the car though, so it's a good thing she takes her big stick when we walk now. I don't think we're going to get to the third gate next week even though she says we will.
Some times when we go to the beach there aren't many dogs to play with, today I wish we'd gone to the beach. I met a big black labrador at the dog park who just had no manners at all. Actually he was rude as!

We met him and his Dad while Mum was having a sit down. His Dad was really nice and talked to Mum while we went for a bit of a run. That was cool until he decided I was a girl dog!!! Not cool!!! And I told him how uncool I thought that was too!!!I reckon if he had just said hello properly like dogs should then he would have known I wasn't a girl. All he did was bark like crazy and slobber all over me. What a weirdo!

When Mum said it was time to go I was rather pleased and I was even happier when she wiped all the slobber off me when we got home ....... I don't want another shower!

I just want to spend some quality time in the sun like any totally masculine dude would. I am worried though. Yesterday Mum was watching TV and saw a dog getting his nails painted ....... she wouldn't, would she?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the second gate and ShutUpEddie

Mum says that I'm good at helping her. She must be sad that she can't run like I can, although she said she always hated running anyway. She was really happy when we got to the second big gate at the dog park though, two days in a row!

Sometimes she can't get up when she has to kneel down, then she calls me over so I can help her. She says that she never realised how handy knees were before now. On Sunday we went to the beach and she knelt down to take this photo. I don't know why she knelt down 'cose I'm sure the sea looks the same down here as it does up there. It was a good thing Dad was there 'cose he had to help her, I was too busy running and didn't hear her.

I don't think Eddie is much help to her. He tries to trip her up mostly and I think he is really quite strange. He isn't scared of me now and Mum has to tell him not to get into my bed especially when I'm already in it.

She calls him 'ShutUpEddie' quite a lot and I just know he's after my toys so I have to remember not to leave them laying around when he's about. I just pretend that I'm using the toy Mum bought me for a pillow so I don't look like I'm too paranoid about it getting cat stunk.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Barking mad

I've been here for weeks and Mum and Dad decided that I couldn't bark 'cose I haven't barked. Silly really 'cose I can bark, I just decided to keep it for a very special occasion. Last night was IT .......... !

What is that you've got Dad ........ ?

it's making totally weird noises and .....

....... it's making me spin in circles and bark!

Oh my gawd it's in my bed .......

it moves and flies and rolls around ...... what is it? .......
gotta get it .......

bugga. I think I killed it!

yup. It's dead.

"Psycho Puppy and a dead balloon"

Mum says that I'm going to be an awesome guard dog if we ever get burgled by someone with a balloon.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Food from heaven & little people

On Sunday food did fall from heaven. Jaben and Sarah and Lycan came for dinner and we didn't have spaghetti. Mum was right, sitting next to Lycan was pretty good 'cose food was falling really well especially when he realised I was there, then he just leant over and opened his mouth and the food in there fell on the floor too. He was allowed to have a spoon to feed himself but I think he was getting confused about where his mouth was 'cose a lot of it ended up in mine. Jaben, his Dad was generous with the food on his plate too, but I only got the cauliflower not the meat.

I think Lycan liked sharing his dinner with me but he decided that he wanted to share my bed after that. I don't mind sharing (unless it's with FatPoo) but I'm pleased Mum gave him a special seat to sit on 'cose I'm sure there wouldn't have been enough room for both of us. Anyway if FatPoo had seen then she would have wanted to get in as well. Not good.

I love weekends

I really love weekends 'cose Dad doesn't go to work and that means we go out in the car, sometimes even more than once a day. Last weekend after we had gone to the dog park and he had lost my new toy up a tree, Dad decided we would go to the beach. Mum told him to go to the beach at Spencerpark and told him how to get there. She did agree with him that she was an idiot when her directions got us to Woodend. I actually couldn't see any problem. A beach is a beach!

This beach was definitely fun though because I met two dogs who could run really fast. Mum and Dad said they were greyhounds and that years ago they used to have one called Lindy Lou. The ones that I played with were called Casey and Gus and we ran so fast but I couldn't catch them at all. Mum said she got tired just watching us so Dad found her a big stick to use to help her walk. She was getting pretty wobbly but got back to the car without her legs falling off which was good.

On Sunday we went to the small dog park 'cose it was raining and Dad said Mum could sit in the car if she wanted to. There were a few dogs there and I made friends with a big black dog with a funny curly coat. His name was Archie and we chased each other all around the trees.

There was a labrador who wanted to play with us but his Mum wanted to go home. He was really naughty and wouldn't let her put his lead back on so Dad had to help catch him. She asked Mum and Dad how long it had taken to train me to be such a good dog and Dad told her that I had only been their dog for a few weeks and that I had come already trained, then she said words that I didn't understand and Mum said I can't repeat here.

Spaghetti spoons R awesome!

Mum asked Dad why he had the spaghetti spoon in the lounge and he said "cose the dog likes it ......

...... see"

Mum says to tell you if you come for tea she promises that she won't give you spaghetti.

Health and Safety concern

Life is pretty good here with Mum and Dad but I got a bit worried when all the books on the shelf above my bed fell off on top of me, especially when I can honestly say "it wasn't me!". I'm sure FatPoo has evil powers and she made it happen by some freaky feline hoodoo thing.

Dad said it was far too dangerous to stay at home so we went to the dog park. Mum had found me another new toy. She said the birds had used it for a swing but they didn't use it any more so I could have it. It was a big rope and ball tug toy and she told Dad he could throw it for me to chase when we got to the park. Well we got to the park and Dad did throw it for me but I didn't chase it ........ 'cose ........ he threw it up into a really huge tree!

Mum called him an idiot and sadly, this time I must agree.

smelly beds and cat stink!

Mum said that I have to be honest and tell people that I can't type. Well the excuse that I haven't written for nearly a week is that Mum has had the pain in her arms and she hurt her wrist when she lifted a big bag of kitty litter. She sure said a lot of words when she did that and it's just sooooo wrong that I can't write my blog because the cats need a toilet! Yuck!

Last Saturday Mum said that my bed needed washing 'cose it was getting smelly. I thought she was just mean so I lay on it so she couldn't put it in the machine. I only got off when she said she'd put me in as well but ...........

...... look what happened when I got off!

"Ewwwwwwwww. Mum wash my bed, it's got cat stink on it!"

Bed washing days totally suck!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th & food from heaven.

Our day went right 'cose Mum was real happy she managed to walk to the big gate at the dog park and back to the car. She said we're going to walk that far every time we go there now and after doing that for awhile we'll go to next big gate.

I ran lots today and none of the trees peed on me even though it was Friday the 13th. Mum said that today bad things are suppose to happen but nothing bad happened to us, although Mum did remember that she hadn't washed her shoe yesterday but we were driving in the car by then so it was a bit late really.

When we got home I waited outside the birdroom while she fed everyone (it's way too noisy in there for me) and when she came out she gave me a new toy. It's awesome! Dad tried to take it off me but I won in the end.

I figure if I slobber on the handle end he'll leave it alone.

At dinner time I like to sit next to Mum and Dad in case they want to share with me. Tonight they didn't but Dad said that if I waited 'til Sunday, Lycan would be here for dinner and if I sat under the table then it would be like food falling from heaven. Sounds good to me but I'm not quite sure what they are talking about. I guess I'll have to wait 'til Sunday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm a poet!

We went to the Plantation today. Mum likes going there 'cose she can listen to the birds in the trees as she walks. She says that she misses hearing the tuis and bell birds where her and Dad use to live in the country. We heard a bell bird today and also a magpie so she was happy and she even walked back to the car without getting wobbly so that was good. There were only two dogs there to play with but I ran around heaps and explored lots of smells in the trees.

Mum says this photo makes me look like a werewolf.

When we got back in the car Mum said "phew, is that you that smells, stinky dog?" but it wasn't me!! On the way home I just sat quietly in the back and made up a poem.

Stinky Me?
Stinky you,
I can see Mum you've got
poo on your shoe!

Good A?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I got mail and Mum's birds are just plain weird!

Mum stopped at the letterbox on our way to the dog park today and I got a letta!!

Mum was a bit disappointed I think 'cose she only got the phone bill. She said it was painful but it mustn't have been too bad because she was still able to walk at the park. Here's what my letter said -

Dear Kuri,

Hi, our names are Charles and Arnie, and we live with your new Mum's friend Julie. We think you're a pretty neat looking dog. Don't laugh but we live at a farm called "Womble Farm" in Orinoco Valley. You might know, Orinoco was one of the Wombles. We think it's really mean your Mum won't let you chase the cats, especially Freak and Eddie as they did used to live here once, but come to think of it, I don't think we were allowed to chase them either. But if you ever want to visit, we have way more cats than you. We have 7, and guess what? We have 7 rabbits too. But you guessed it, we're not allowed to play with them either! Mum got a really good photo of Arnie looking wistfully thru their cage this morning. We have some of your Mum's birds too - but yep, they're in an aviary (cage!) as well. You know, these adults just don't trust us do they? Well Mum's got to go feed all the other animals now. Hope she doesn't forget us dogs but I think we're pretty safe, she only forgets the cockatiels, but what do you expect, they're in a cage so can't get in your face like us dogs! We'd never let her forget to feed us.

Look forward to meeting you and sniffing your butt.

Doggy kisses & loves

Charles & Arnie

Today was a totally good day, I went to the park and saw Mia again AND I got a letta. Mum even let me sit in the birdroom while she fed everyone.

Boy was it noisy in there. The big birds screamed really loud when they saw me so I just sat quietly in the corner so they would shut up. Some of them can talk people words which is totally weird. I don't know why the one Mum calls Jimmy asked me what I'd been doing. When I told him I'd been to the dog park and that I had got a letta he wasn't even interested and just kept whistling at me. And the one called Tiela must be really dumb 'cose he just kept calling me "puss, puss, puss"

I really don't understand birds but Mum seems to, she even let one out of it's cage for a cuddle. Her name was Hootie and she said hello to me but before I could say hello back she started yelling.

Birds are way weirder than cats!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Mum said it would be really helpful if I wiped my feet on the door mat, not the door. I'm actually working on a plan to annoy FatPoo. She likes to sit at this door and and skites when she's inside and I'm out. Have you ever heard a cat say 'nah,nah, nah, nah,nah'?.

Even though she can be soooooo annoying I'm feeling a bit sorry for her 'cose she's not feeling very well. She's been sneezing and Mum says she's got a cold (FatPoo not Mum) Dad even said she could sleep on the bed (FatPoo not Mum) Luckily Mum said no. If I start sneezing I wonder if Dad will let me sleep on the bed?

FatPoo and I kept Mum company in the garden today. She said she was feeling good and there was weeding to be done. She also said that the lemon tree smelt like dog pee. Well it wasn't me! She said I wasn't to use her garden as a toilet, at the time I was wondering why on earth she was digging in my toilet! I think me and Mum are going to have further discussions on this subject some how.

Here's a photo of me in the car. It's just the right size for me and I'm learning to wait before I get in and out. If I jump in before I'm told to Mum makes me get back out and sit until she tells me to get back in. I'm learning that we get to the dog park quicker if I just sit still until she tells me. One day I got so excited about being at the park I jumped over the back seat. Mum wasn't very pleased and made me get out the back door and then made me get back in my seat and wait. I'm sure all the other dogs were watching. How embarrassing!

It was great at the park today. It was really sunny and Mum wasn't very wobbly at all. I met Maya and it was her very first time at the park. Her Mum and Dad said she had never made friends with anyone before me. I was her very first friend. Mum told me she was just a baby and that I had to look after her. She was a very big baby, her Mum said she was a Malamute. I told Maya that my Dad said I was a Meat Safe Setter. She thought that was a really cool breed. We played chasing a bit but for some reason she kept rolling over and waving her legs in the air. It was a bit weird really, she looked a bit like FatPoo when she did that.
She hadn't learnt to go to her Mum and Dad when they called her so when she got too far away and didn't come back when she was called Mum told me to go and get her. So I did. She was fun, I hope we see her again 'cose Mum said she's going to grow into a big dog (Maya not Mum) and she'd be able to run faster than me. I bet she won't, not if she keeps waving her legs in the air like a cat.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the smelly Thing, fleas and 'for goodness sake'

Mum says I'm obsessing over my new toy. She calls it 'the smelly Thing' .When I try and share it with her she's says "take that smelly Thing away or I'll chuck it in the washing machine!"

I think she should chuck FatPoo in the washing machine 'cose I'm sure she has fleas. Everyone knows that cats are just mobile flea transporters and I'm sure that was a cat flea I felt on me!

It's been raining all day today and Dad didn't let me back in this morning so I went around to the office window and said "let meeeeee iiiiiiiiin, it's wet out here!" Luckily Mum saw me but I wish I wasn't so photogenic, she had to waste time taking a photo of me instead of rushing to the door like she should have.

I was worried that I wasn't going to get to go out for a walk today 'cose it was so wet but Dad said he'd take me to the dog park 'cose I was being such a pest (I must remember that for the next time it rains) He said that there would be no dogs to play with 'cose nobody else would be stupid enough to take their dogs out on such a horrible day. There was more stupid people ...... I played with 4 dogs, Dad got wet and Mum sat in the car. She said she wasn't stupid.

Yesterday Dad took me for a really long walk on the lead so I didn't get to play with any dogs and he didn't even let me off to chase the ducks or pukekos at the lake.

I did get to chase Eddie though. It was all rather exciting 'cose Eddie came inside and Mum had forgotten FatPoo was there (they don't like each other. Actually FatPoo doesn't like anyone really) anyway ...... FatPoo run under the table and Eddie chased her, it was all far too much so I chased Eddie, Dad chased me. FatPoo screamed blue murder, Eddie fuzzed up like a balloon and I got told off! Mum just said "Oh for goodness sake!" (I'm not sure who goodness is but I was too busy to look for them anyway) I think that was totally wrong and unfair. I know I'm not to chase the cat but that was two cats, different rules surely?