Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ohhh NO!

I've just figured out what's been going on. Mum and Dad are going away and they're NOT taking us!!!!!!

Mum made us new beds in the kennels so I guess we have to sleep outside. Grandma came and Mum showed her how to feed all the birds and the BlackCats, then she showed her how to feed us. I knew we were going to be left behind then. I think Mum must be feeling a bit guilty about it though 'cose she bought me a new toy today.

It's gonna take waaaay more than an ugly green squeaky toy to make up for being abandoned! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Poor Tia

It's not fair that Hine and I couldn't go with Mum 'cose she got to see Bonnie and Maddison and Tia. We haven't even met them yet. Mum said that's 'cose they live so far away. I bet if I had been there Maddison would have given me her sandwich, Mum says I'm really good at getting grandchildren to give up their lunch. Tia doesn't look like she'd be very interested in sandwich hunting. Mum says that Tia is getting old now and she has way better manners than Hine or me.


Maddison and Peter rabbit

I thought this was really cool and that Tia was the luckiest dog ever. A really big kennel and a digging pit, awesome! Mum told me not to be daft, Maddison's dad Grant, was building a playhouse for her next to her sandpit. Poor Tia!

Womble Farm

Mum has a cold. She's been sneezing and coughing ever since she came home after her weekend away. She said that going on a plane is the quickest way to catch bugs. I must tell Freak that 'cose he loves chasing bugs, especially butterflies.

Hine and I had to stay home and Dad had to look after us all by himself, he did OK but I think he was really happy when Mum came home. I don't know why Mum didn't take us, she showed me some photos and it looks like an awesome place for dogs where she stayed. My friends Charles and Arnie live there with lots of other animals and Mum's friend Julie. Look at this, they have their own dog park!!

Charlotte the pig and Wrinkles the sheep

Mum laughed at Julie 'cose she makes salads for Peter and Flopsy the rabbits and feeds them off plates. Mum said she thought they needed serviettes if they were going to be that posh. The rabbits may be posh but Eddie and Freak aren't and they were born at Womble farm. Mum took these photos of their Dad and their little sister Possum. I feel real sorry for Arnie and Charles 'cose even though they have their own dog park they have to live with heaps of catssssss!

There is Eddie and Freak's mum, Carli, their dad, Fluffybum, their older sister, Ginge, and their younger sister Possum. There are other cats as well. Mia, Precious and Lucky. Mum says that's 7 and that's not many at all. I say she should send all our cats there then 'cose I think living with 1 cat is too many!


Mum showed me a photo the other day of a duck drinking out of a dog bowl. Here she is, her name is Daisy and Mum says she's a very famous duck and it all has to do with something called the 'six degrees of seperation'

Six degrees of seperation refers to the idea that, if a person is one 'step' away from each person he or she knows and two 'steps' away from each person who is known by one of the people he or she knows, then everyone is no more than six 'steps' away from each person on Earth.

When Daisy was tiny she was rescued by a man called Tommy who sent her to live at Womble farm. Tommy used to be a stylist for someone called Micheal Jackson. I have no idea what a stylist is and I have no idea who Tommy or Micheal Jackson are but somehow all this goobly gook makes Daisy 'a famous duck'. She looks just like an ordinary duck to me and I guess being famous doesn't stop her from getting stuck on the wrong side of the garden gate either.

a famous but stuck duck!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rainy Sunday

It's been a rainy day today and Mum said she's just wasted most of it trying to make my blog look fancy. It's taken her all afternoon to totally botch it up, lose half the 'stuff' down the sidebar and then try and put it all back the way it was before she started. She said that at least it looks like a dog did actually set it up. I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not.

Because it's been a rainy day and I was getting bored Dad took me out for a ride on the bike. I figured out that it's probably not a good idea to run in front of the bike to chase a cat, 'specially a black one, 'cose the bike ran over my toes. Ouch!

Hine stayed home with Mum and apparently is very good at doing the housework. Dad had dropped stuff on the kitchen floor and when Mum went to clean it up it was gone. Hine had eaten it. The fluff that had been swept up with it was gone too, Hine must have eaten that as well. She's a bit daft really. (Hine not Mum)

Mum showed me the photos of Lycan and Draven that she took last week. Grandad and her went down to Queenstown to help Jaben and Sarah move house. Actually, Grandad went to help and Mum just went to see Draven so she didn't help at all. I guess it will be quite awhile before I get to see Rizla and Squeak again 'cose Mum says Queenstown is a long, long way from here.

I'm getting a bit concerned about something .......what's with all these prison bars?!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well it's been rather boring for Hine and me lately so Mum said I should share some photos she found on her phone. I'm a bit upset 'cose there were no photos of me but of course there were photos of cats!



There's even a photo of Mum's friend's cat.
Boy, he makes FatPoo look like skinny Hine!


Miss Potter

Mum even has a photo of her friend's car on her phone. I can't believe there are none of me. And what about this one ....... a photo of a duck. Mum told me to stop complaining 'cose Arnie and Charles, the dogs that own the water bowl, have to share it with the duck.

Ewwwwww gross. That's worse than having Lycan playing in the big water bowl!

Mum showed me this photo of FatPoo. It took me ages to find her. I wonder if was eating Pukekos that made her fat?!

FatPoo & the Pukeko

Friday, March 11, 2011


Grandma and Grandad went home yesterday. They have power at their house now but still no water. Now that they have gone we don't get nearly as many treats as we were getting. Mum said Grandma spoilt us (me 'specially) and that it was a good thing that they have gone home otherwise I'd end up as fat as FatPoo.

Mum and Dad have put a 'prison' wall at the door. They said it was to stop us rushing inside every time we thought Grandma was going to give us something yummy. It totally sux 'cose now we can't get in at all. What's even worse is the BlackCats can get through the bars so they're inside all the time!





prison inmate #2

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cheap tricks

Hine thinks she's smart 'cose she knows how to shake hands. I don't know what all the fuss is about and neither does Dad. Mum showed him what Hine could do and he said only stupid dogs do dopey things like that . Smart dogs know how to run beside a bike like I can. Hine can't do that.

Grandad asked if we could flick a biscuit off our noses into the air and catch it. He had a dog that could do that. I can't really see the point in doing that 'cose if I flicked a biscuit off my nose into the air I know Hine would grab it, the trick would be ruined and I wouldn't have a biscuit.
Perfectly simple reason why not to learn how to do stupid tricks really.

Monday, March 7, 2011

2 weeks tomorrow

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since the big earthquake. Mum showed us this photo that was taken of the city when it happened. She keeps saying everyone is dealing with it differently. Eating chocolate fudge is helping her get through the stress she reckons. I'm not sure how she's going to cope now. She finished it all yesterday!

At least she's had time to do some things on my blog. There are jigsaws that she's made at the bottom of the pages now and she put up a link so you can get to her writing blog as well. I think that's a great idea 'cose she won't use my blog to write stupid stories about Wobblin' Goblins and all the other rubbish she waffles on about.

I'm off outside, the sun's come out.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Earthquake safety

Mum has told us that when there is an earthquake we all have to get underneath something and hide. I don't think Freak quite got the message though.

Mum told him that hiding in a pillow case isn't going to be much help.

Stupid cat!


Yesterday Mum was getting ready to feed everyone (us everyones, not people everyones) when the lady next door came to visit. She came to ask Mum if we had a black cat 'cose a stray cat had turned up at her house after the first earthquake, she had been feeding it and trying to catch it to 'rescue' it.

Mum just laughed and took her into the cat room and said "which one is it?".

When she saw 3 fluffy black cats she didn't know who it was so Mum reckons that all of them have come up with a cunning plan and have been impersonating a feline refugee. They get to eat mince that the lady cooks for them so now Mum knows why they have started being really fussy about what they get for dinner here.

The neighbour lady doesn't like dogs so I don't think Hine and I have much chance of being 'rescued'. Mum said Hine would probably do better in a disaster 'cose she's so skinny and always looks starving so people would feel sorry for her. I've got a fat butt so I would be out of luck!

How rude!

BlackCats on Grandma and Grandad's bed!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Mum's been laughing lots today. She found a new Facebook page so she didn't get any of my blog blogged!


Draven Romeo
7lb 13oz

Mum's all excited 'cose the baby was born last night. Jaben and Sarah went away after the earthquake so he would be born somewhere safe.

Mum said it was about time something good happened.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Mum said she is suppose to be cleaning up the house but she's been playing on the computer making things with photos. She made this to show me what Dino looked like. She told me she would make one of FatPoo but I said she'd better get on with the cleaning and not bother. I know what FatPoo looks like.

I think ....

FatPoo must have sneezed. Look, the hill's falling down.

Yesterday it was really windy and all the mud was turning to sand and blowing around everywhere. The wind was horrible, Hine and I stayed at home so I'm just telling you what Mum said it was like. She showed me this photo she found.

Grandma went up to her house and the wind had blown out the stuff that had been covering the big broken window. Now it's been all boarded up with wood so if it starts raining it will stay dry. When she came home she told us that it looked like someone had tried to break into the house. I wonder if they wanted to steal FatPoo, they would have to be very strong to pick her up!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

fat FatPoo

Mum and Grandma were able to go up the hill to get FatPoo today. Mum said that people had been to check that all the houses were safe and FatPoo was fine. In fact she said that she was more than fine, she had eaten so much she could hardly move!
Grandma's neighbour had given her a huge bowl of cat bickies and a bowl of water last night and Mum told me that Poo had taken that as an invitation to try and eat the whole lot, she's a cat on a mission!

I think that if Grandma's house falls down the hill it will be 'cose Poo weighs so much! Mum decided that she was safe there, she wasn't going to starve to death in a hurry so FatPoo stayed up the hill. Yay!
Grandma and Grandad will go back to their house when they have electricity, until then they are staying with us.

The Monarch chrysalis' hatched today and Mum said there were butterflies flying all over Grandma's garden. They were really pretty. It's probably a good thing Eddie doesn't live up there 'cose Dad saw him leap off the top of our fence into mid air yesterday trying to catch a butterfly. Dad said his tail went round and round just like a helicopter but it wasn't much good. Eddie now knows he can't fly.

Today it's been a whole week since the big earthquake.