Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's in a name?

I've decided that names are very strange things and can be confusing. Mum gets called Grandma sometimes and when we see Grandma Mum calls her Mum. Jaben calls Mum Mum but he calls Grandma Grandma too. Really weird!

Hine gets called Skinny Hine, Goofy Girl or Dobby Dog

(Hine does look a bit like Dobby, 'specially when she's in trouble and her ears are being weird)

I get called different names too. Dad calls me Gooba or Goofus sometimes and Mum calls me Fat Bum when we haven't been to the dog park for a few days. One day when we were at the dog park a lady there called me a Ginga Dog.

All I can say is thank goodness nobody ever calls us anything as stupid as FatPoo!

Writer's block

(Mum said to tell you that she's cleaned the window now!)

It's been a month since I last blogged and Mum said I've either had writer's block or I'm just plain lazy. Actually I've been really busy. Having a sister is hard work, especially one like Hine.
She's learning stuff but really slowly. Like she has to be told lots of times not to dig in the garden, I only got told once and now I know. She even didn't listen to me when Mum and Dad went out and I told her it would be a REALLY dumb idea to dig up Dad's potatoes. It was a really dumb idea and when Dad looked at our feet I didn't have any dirt on mine and Hine did, she got into trouble and I didn't. Mum said I was looking angelic which wasn't very brotherly at all.

I must say that having Hine around sure makes me look good and well behaved 'cose she's so dopey and does so many things wrong.