Monday, February 28, 2011

Ohhh No ......

poor FatPoo.

Grandma just rung Mum. She was going to her house up the hill and she can't get there. Mum said it's all been evacuated and everyone has had to leave. Nobody can get up there any more and

Now I'm thinking this is getting a tad bit serious, I mean Poo is a real pain in the butt, but she's not that bad. Even if she is grumpy and annoying, being stuck up an evacuated hill is going to seriously p*** her off. If there's no one to give her dinner then she's really going to start losing weight too. Mum said she'll have to remember how to catch things to eat. I'm not sure how you are suppose to catch your dinner, do the biscuits start running or something?

Mum said she's only going to start worrying if Poo is still up there in a week. I'm sure Poo's going to get worried tonight when there is no dinner.

Poor Poo.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mum will never forget Wally Tairakena

Mum doesn't want to help me write much. She cried a lot when she watched the TV and saw the people that were missing.

She saw her friend Wally and she cried.

Friday, February 25, 2011

We're lucky

Today Mum went to help Grandma and Grandad again. Their house isn't very good, lots and lots of stuff got broken and there is no water or power there. I wasn't allowed to go, she said there was too much broken glass and I'd cut my feet. She also said that she now hates tomato pasta sauce and uncooked spaghetti cose when it all gets smashed on the floor it makes an awful mess and is really hard to clean up. She was totally not impressed when she picked up the only glass jar that hadn't broken and then dropped it. It broke then!

I love going to the beach when we go to Grandma and Grandad's house but Mum said that next time we go it will look a lot different 'cose the big rock that I run towards isn't really there any more. She found these photos to show me what it looks like now.

Shag Rock


We drive pass this house on our way to Grandma and Grandad's house.
It got hit by lots of rocks when they fell off the cliff.

FatPoo's still living at Grandma and Grandad's house which I think is really good. Mum said that she is better staying up there than being back here 'cose our house is so full of extra people and animals. Tonight Squeak is in the garage and Grandma and Grandad are staying the night.
Mum says we are really lucky 'cose we have water and power at our house which I guess is why people come and lock themselves in our bathroom. They smell really different when they come out and they are really happy about going in there. I really don't understand that 'cose I HATE going in there. Hine and I are really lucky though 'cose Mum says that we have to conserve water which means we don't get to have our showers! Awesome!

the world's changed

Mum says that the world has changed. She's really sad 'cose everything has gone crazy. People have died and lots are still missing and she says nothing is going to be the same anymore. I know she is sad 'cose today she found out that Jaben and Sarah and Lycan aren't coming back here to live, she won't be near when her new grandson is born.
I think Hine and I better try and be good to make Mum happy again.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yesterday .....

..... the ground wobbled again and Hine and I were at home on our own. It was really scary and we heard crashing inside the house and in the bird room. I was pleased we were outside 'cose I knew we couldn't get blamed for breaking anything. Mum had said she was going to her writing class at the University and that we had both better be good while she was gone. We were good so I don't think it was anything we did that made the earth wobble. It might have been something the BlackCats did though 'cose they all ran and hid.

It took Mum ages to get home and when she did we didn't get in trouble, she was really pleased to see us. When she called the BlackCats they all came running so she locked them up to keep them safe 'cose she said the ground would wobble more.

I knew Mum was really worried 'cose she didn't even start cleaning up all the stuff on the floor, she just kept trying to use her phone. Then things got really weird.

Grandma arrived and even she was worried especially when the wobbles started again. Dad came home then Grandma left and after that Jaben and Sarah and Lycan arrived. It was really weird 'cose not only did they bring Rizla, they also bought Squeak, their cat! Then Sarah's mum arrived with her two little dogs. Our little house was really crowded and everyone stayed the night. Mum said it wouldn't be a good time for the new baby to decide to arrive and Sarah agreed. I didn't know we were getting a new baby! I did know it was all way too exciting for dogs 'cose Rizla and Hine ended up having a big fight. Mum stopped it pretty quick though. Boy she can yell!
Mum found these photos so I could show you what happened. She said this time lots of people got hurt and some even died. I guess everyone was really sad about that so that's why they all stayed at our house. Today they left, Mum said it was good 'cose they are all going somewhere where the floor doesn't wobble.
Sad though, Mum won't see the new baby when he's born and for some reason Squeak got left behind!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yes, Mum's mad!

A wizard called Woad

There’s a wizard called Woad
who, don’t you know,
Lives way down at the end of the road.

He wears a blue pointy hat,
a long velvet robe and,
magic boots with a hole in the toe.

In his creepy old home
he lives all alone
except for Griselda his cat.

Griselda is big,
she is fluffy and black
and has an extremely long tail.

It reaches over her back,
and right over her head to
the tip of her shiny black nose.

When Woad pats his cat Grisel
she purrs and she dribbles,
then she purrs and she dribbles some more.

“oh Grisel” says Woad
“you are quite a toad,
Just look at the state of my floor

Mum's gone mad.

no, we're not getting married!

I think Mum's gone a bit mad. She hasn't helped me write my blog for ages and now I find out she's been on the 'puter writing stories! She says she's been too busy to help me but I'm starting to get worried. She's been knitting weird things with faces again. Poor Dad thinks he's never going to see the kitchen table again and now she's going to her writing course, she's even started writing about the weird things.

She had to write a story that had the words contempt, stir, greed and permit in it. Seems really silly to me. She says it needs lots of polishing and tidying up but there's heaps of dust in our house and you've seen the state of our table so I don't think she's going to be much good at that.
Who on earth wants to read about Wobblin'Goblins when they can read about Hine and me at the dog park anyway?!

The Wobblin’ Goblins

Are you snuggled right down, are you comfortable? I’ll tell you a story about the goblins that live high up in the trees.

Wobblin’ Goblins have long pointy ears and always wear hats made of leaves. A Goblin of course, is not at all like a Troll. Trolls are just grumpy old things, full of contempt and ohh, such a lot of greed. Still, I guess if we had to live in a dingy hole we’d be grumpy too, just like an old troll.

Wobblin’ Goblins are happy little things always laughing and singing, and they just love living in trees. Sometimes you might see them. If you look up, really high, right at the top of the tree, there’ll be a goblin. If it’s sunny you may have to squint up your eyes a bit, or even shade them with your hand, but they’ll be up there, using their tickly long fingers to stir up the wind wisps so they can hang on to the tippy top branches, and laugh as they take rides in the breeze.

The Wisps and the Goblins have so much fun. You can hear them playing all summer. ‘Whooooosh’ call the wind wisps as they rush through the leaves and the goblins hang on tight to their hats as they ride.

Deep in their holes the grumpy old Trolls start to grumble. They are tired of the sunshine and they just want to sleep.

“Enough of the Whooshing, we’ll permit no more fun.
It’s time for the winter, it’s time it begun!”

So the Wisps and the Goblins start to say goodbye and as it gets colder and darker you may hear the Trolls getting grumpier. Their grumbles get louder. They are getting colder and they need to go to their beds.

The Goblins start tickling with their long tickly fingers and stir up the wind wisps who blow cold through the branches turning the green leaves to orange and brown and the Goblins start wobblin’ making them fall, all wrinkled and dry. Beneath the trees Trolls wait with big bags to collect them and drag them down into their holes.

Winter has come and the Wobblin’ Goblins have gone inside their houses to eat crumpets by the fire. Now all you can hear is the sound of Trolls snoring, asleep under great piles of leaves.