Sunday, April 24, 2011

Liquid problems.

Mum seems to have had a bad day with wet stuff today.

First off we all went to the plantation so Dad and me could go for a ride on the bike (Dad rides, I run) Dad's water bottle leaked in the car and Mum ended up with a wet seat which meant she got a wet butt.

Then Mum and Hine went to the beach. When they got back to pick us up Mum bought herself a coffee which she then spilt on her knee when we went over a bump in the road.

Then this happened ........

......... this is going to be Mum's fish pond. She was going to get fish for it next week. Dad calls it 'the wooden mosquito hatchery' and when Mum started putting fresh water into it when we got home, it bubbled up like this. She said it looks like a witches cauldron. Dad had put bleach and dish washing liquid into it to kill the mossies and didn't tell her.

Well, she knows about it now!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Trouble ....

Mum says she's going right off us all. Dogs, cats and birds!

Yesterday we went to the dog park and Hine ran right into the back of Mum's leg. Boy did she yell! (Mum, not Hine) Apparently Hine's got a really bony head and Mum said it bloomin' hurt. She said it was a good thing she had her walking stick or she might have ended up falling on her butt.

The walking stick is another reason Mum's not too keen on us all at the moment. Last week Hine and I knocked it over and the end of it's beak broke off. I don't really know what all the fuss was about. It's not as if it actually used it's beak, it's a wooden stick after all!

Bird's beaks are obviously dangerous anyway. The other day we heard Mum 'Ouch' rather loudly when she was in the bird room. She was moving one of the big cages and Mousy bit her on the finger and made it bleed. She must have enjoyed making Mum say ouch 'cose she's been trying to bite her again ever since.

Mum said that if the BlackCats trip her up again by running through the house like tornados she's going to seriously think about bringing FatPoo home now and sending us all off to somewhere really horrible. I'm not too worried though 'cose she says she can't think of anywhere horrible enough that whould have us all.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I was thinking the other day about how cold it was getting and Mum said that winter is coming and it'll get even colder. Then she said not to forget that FatPoo will be coming back 'cose Grandma and Grandad will be going back to America for the winter.


I don't even think we need to get her back, I mean look at these. Hine and I can barely get out the door without standing on a BlackCat, and there's even one missing in these photos. I'm also not forgetting that apart from hating any other cats FatPoo 'specialy HATES Eddie.

I can see that this winter is not only going to be cold, it's also going to involve cats doing an awful lot of screaming and yelling at each other!

Monday, April 18, 2011

last of the photos ....... YIPPEEE!!!

Mum says this is the last lot of photos. She said I should look at these ones 'cose next time they go there we might be allowed to go too. It looks rather awesome for dogs and Dad says that there is special place where we can go bike riding. Sounds like an OK sort of place really. The only problem I can see with that plan is that a cat lives there. Her name is Arnie and Mum says she's the boss of the hotel so we would have to behave and do what she tells us.

Why do all cats think they are the boss of us dogs?

Omakau Commercial Hotel

Sunday, April 17, 2011

more holiday photos ...... yawn!

I don't think Mum quite understands that I don't care about seeing photos of a stupid holiday that I didn't go on!

the Gondola, Queenstown

the Gypsy Fair. Wanaka

I think Dad must really like trees and water 'cose he takes lots of photos of them. Sometimes he must get sick of them though, 'cose then he takes pictures of old buildings and bridges. There's a bridge in these photos that Mum said must have been built especially for smelly dogs. She said that the top arch was for people in carraiges amd riding horses. The second one was for people walking and the bottom one was for smelly dogs, that's why it's in the water. I don't believe her but she says it's true. I believe anyone who writes stories about Wobblin Goblins could find it quite easy to tell fibs to her dog!

holiday photos ..... (boring!)

Mum has been sorting out the photos of their holiday. I think these ones are pretty boring so I'm quite pleased we stayed at home with Grandma. I didn't want to go and see a statue of a dog that's for sure!

Lake Tekapo

Old Cromwell

Friday, April 15, 2011

the holiday

Mum and Dad came home from the holiday. They were away for absolutely ages, at least four days! Grandma came and looked after me, Hine, the BlackCats and all the birds. Mum said she did so well that she can have the job of looking after us all every time they go away. Grandma said "no thanks" she didn't actually want the job.

Dad took lots of photos and Mum is going to sort them all out so we can see them properly. I did see this one which I think is a bit stink really. Why would you leave your own poor dog at home just to go and see a statue of a dog stuck up on a rock?

I don't know how long it's going to take Mum to sort out the photos, she seems to be on some strange sort of mission at the moment. Something to do with the $23 she came home from holiday with. She's even started a blog about it. Dad says not to worry though 'cose $23 won't last long and the house is too small to fit much more crap into.

Today we went out with her to pick up some of the crap she had bought. It wasn't very interesting except we did stop at the park for a run. We went to Grandma's for a gingernut bikkie each and I had to keep an eye on Hine 'cose she had such a good time at the park chasing birds I thought she was going to be stupid enough to jump off Grandma's deck to chase the birds as they flew pass. She's a bit dim really.

On the way home we even got to go to the beach. We were the only dogs there for ages. When I spotted another dog Hine and I ran over to see if he wanted to play chasing. He did but he wasn't very good at it 'cose he only had 3 legs. I'm not sure how he got to not have all his legs, probably had something to do with a vet messing up I guess. He probably only went in to get neutered!