Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's in a name?

I've decided that names are very strange things and can be confusing. Mum gets called Grandma sometimes and when we see Grandma Mum calls her Mum. Jaben calls Mum Mum but he calls Grandma Grandma too. Really weird!

Hine gets called Skinny Hine, Goofy Girl or Dobby Dog

(Hine does look a bit like Dobby, 'specially when she's in trouble and her ears are being weird)

I get called different names too. Dad calls me Gooba or Goofus sometimes and Mum calls me Fat Bum when we haven't been to the dog park for a few days. One day when we were at the dog park a lady there called me a Ginga Dog.

All I can say is thank goodness nobody ever calls us anything as stupid as FatPoo!

Writer's block

(Mum said to tell you that she's cleaned the window now!)

It's been a month since I last blogged and Mum said I've either had writer's block or I'm just plain lazy. Actually I've been really busy. Having a sister is hard work, especially one like Hine.
She's learning stuff but really slowly. Like she has to be told lots of times not to dig in the garden, I only got told once and now I know. She even didn't listen to me when Mum and Dad went out and I told her it would be a REALLY dumb idea to dig up Dad's potatoes. It was a really dumb idea and when Dad looked at our feet I didn't have any dirt on mine and Hine did, she got into trouble and I didn't. Mum said I was looking angelic which wasn't very brotherly at all.

I must say that having Hine around sure makes me look good and well behaved 'cose she's so dopey and does so many things wrong.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sleeping is good ........

....... especially since we got a new bed. Mum said my fat butt was too big to fit in the basket!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad Hine

Remember when I had that really bad day and got into lots of trouble?
Well I never did what Hine did today. I told her not to but she did it anyway. Mum came in from saying goodbye to Lycan and Jaben, and Hine was standing on the table!
Even FatPoo's not allowed to do that!


Mum said that we were going to babysit Lycan for the afternoon. None of us sat on him at all, in fact all the BlackCats kept running away from him when he chased them with a broom. Mum had to put them all away in the cat room 'cose they didn't like babysitting at all. Hine and I loved babysitting, we got a sandwich each 'cose Lycan was quicker at giving them to us than Mum was at stopping him.

Hine and I went to sleep in the sun after that while Mum and Lycan played with the hose and a bucket of water. It was really quite handy 'cose when we woke up we were both thirsty so we had a drink out of it. We didn't want to play under the sprinkler tho' and then when Mum took Lycan to the bathroom and turned on the shower I knew what was going to happen so I scarpered. I didn't want a shower especially since today isn't even the weekend!

Babysitting is quite good fun really and I am pleased that Lycan didn't get sat on.

I like having a sister.

Having a sister is heaps of fun. Now I always have someone to play with and Hine can run so fast that when we come home from the dog park we're so tired we sleep all afternoon. Mum said that's awesome!

I'm even really good at sharing my stuff. Hine doesn't know how to play with toys very much but we had good fun this morning when I showed her how to play with the tug rope. I even let her use my bed when she wants, she'd quite like to sleep on Mum's bed but I think she'd be safer using mine. Mum's a bit precious about her bed and isn't good at sharing it at all.

Hine got a present yesterday. Aunty Pam works with Dad and she sent Hine her very own bandanna. The coolest thing is, I've got one exactly the same.

We got mail

Yesterday when we went to the letter box there was an envelope addressed to me. When Mum opened it there was a card in it from FatPoo. Now she's living at Grandma's house she gets called Titch 'cose Grandma doesn't like the name FatPoo.

I don't know what Halloween is but if it has anything to do with cats (especially ones that look like Eddie!) then I'm sure I don't like it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I got a sister!

Mum and Dad have given me heaps of stuff since I've come here to live. I have lots of toys and a bed and a kennel, and I get chew bones some times and lots of other good stuff but today was the best.
I got a sister!
Her name is Hine and Mum's really pleased with her 'cose she knows her new name already. Mum and I went and got her from the pound today. Mum said that she was in the same pen that I was in when I was there. We went to the dog park and Hine showed me how she can run really fast. She was so fast that I had to go and sit by Mum to keep her company a few times.

I think it's going to be heaps of fun having a sister.
I wonder if she likes cats?

Labour day picnic


Dad caught me standing on the table again. With BlackCats everywhere a dog has to stay safe somehow. Mum found this photo of Sasha doing the same thing so I reckon these cats have always been a problem.

Yesterday was Labour Day and we went to a big picnic. Dad was cooking on the sausage sizzle which was totally the best place to be 'cose when the lady working with him dropped sausages on the ground I got them all. Mum said I was a Fat Butt and wouldn't need any dinner after eating so much. I must admit I was rather pleased that I had run around chasing the frisbee before I ate so much. The best thing to do after eating heaps of picnic sausages is to sleep, so I did that.

It was good to get home tho' ........ I was very tired and my bed is way more comfortable than the ground at the picnic was.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Dad bought me a new toy. It's a hedgehog and I love it 'cose it makes a squeaky noise when I chew it, Mum says it's annoying and won't let me take it to bed at night.

Mum says that Dad and I are as bad as each other 'cose we have both lost things lately. I lost my collar with my registration tag on it and Dad has lost his bike helmet. Mum thinks that someone must have stolen my collar at the dog park or at the beach. I can't remember, so many people pat me and say that I'm lovely, someone might have taken it. Mum had to buy me a new one.

Dad wanted to teach me how to run beside his bike but couldn't find his helmet. Mum said the garage was such a mess no wonder he couldn't find anything so Dad's been home on holiday for a whole week and I have been helping him to clean it up. He never found the helmet and I got bored the other day and ended up getting into huge trouble. I decided to go for a walk on my own and Dad had to go and find me. He was not happy! I made friends with a lady down the road and she gave me a drink of water and rang Dad and said I was at her house. When he came to get me he was really grumpy and made me go to bed all afternoon.
I'm pleased Mum bought me a disc for my new collar with my name and phone number on it, but I wish she had answered the phone instead of Dad!

FatPoo's gone!

It's been ages since I've blogged I've been busy and lots of things have been happening.
Fat Poo has gone to live at Grandma and Grandad's. She likes living there 'cose she gets spoilt and Mum told Grandma that she was not allowed to feed her too much 'cose when she came home last time she was too fat. She
had to go in the cage when we took her to Grandma's and she hated it and cried and dribbled all the way there. What a fuss!

She was really happy when we got there tho' and I was really happy when we left without her.

You know how some times something that seemed like a good idea at the time turns out not to be? Well now FatPoo has gone the BlackCats are all allowed out of the cat room and Eddie is meaner to me than she was. Spook tries to sniff my butt and Freak tries to get into my bed with me. Totally weird!

I have to sit up on the table to get away from them all!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Grandma's house and Mrs. Chimes

I met Grandma and Grandad. I think that their house is great, it's got stairs to run up and down and a really nice big sunny deck to lay on. There wasn't any yummy food though, Mum said the pantry was empty and Grandma had to go grocery shopping.
They've been back two days now and FatPoo is still at home with us. She's still annoying too.

This week I made a new friend. Her name is Mrs. Chimes and I think she is just the best friend a dog could have. On Sunday Mum said she could hear the Tony Chimes ice cream van music and she would go out and buy Dad an icecream when it got to our street. Dad and I went out to help her and the lady driving the van asked Mum if I was her dog. When Mum said yes the lady said

"oh well then, he gets a free icecream. When the grownups buy an icecream the dog gets one for free!"

It was the best tasting food I had ever had. It was really cold though and Dad said it would give me brain freeze if I ate it too fast. Mum said what a great way to get people to buy icecreams because every Sunday when the van comes all the dogs hear the music and make their Mums and Dads go buy icecreams. I think it's a great idea and I think Mrs. Chimes should go to the dog park sometimes. I think she would make lots of money there!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grandma and FatPoo

Wow ....... I heard some strange news about FatPoo yesterday.
Mum and Dad were talking about people called Grandma and Grandad. Mum said I haven't met them yet because they have been overseas for the winter but now it's nearly Summer time they will be coming back from America. I thought that was rather good news because I quite like meeting new people and Mum said that Grandma would probably like to go to the dog park with us for walks.
Then you could have knocked me over with a feather 'cose Dad said that when Grandma came back then FatPoo was going. It really is a strange family that I have. Mum and this Grandma person seem to have decided to share a cat - FatPoo! When Mum and Dad were moving here from their old house it took so long that FatPoo moved to Grandma and Grandad's house and stayed there for ages. When they went to America for the winter FatPoo came back to our house, but Grandma wants her to go back and live with them when they come home.
All rather confusing really but sounds good to me. I think that this Grandma person must be really weird to actually want to live with FatPoo. I wonder if she'd like Eddie as well?


Mum says this is why spaghetti is not on the recommended list of 'Top food for Dogs', it makes us look really dorky when we eat it. She also told Dad off for feeding me people food in bed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yesterday Mum said we were going to get a budgie then we would go to the dog park. I was quite looking forward to that until she went into the birdroom and bought out a cage. I guessed then that a budgie isn't a new toy.

This is Richter and he got lost when the big earthquake made the ground wobble. The lady that found him couldn't find his owners so yesterday Mum went and got him. He chattered all the way home in the car but I told him he would have to be louder than that if he wanted anyone to hear him in the birdroom.
I think the earthquake must have rattled his little head quite a bit 'cose he likes to hang upside down. I don't think he knows which way up is.

When we got to the dog park Mum said that Richter had to stay in the car. I'm pleased I'm not a budgie ...... no dog park!

the Frisbee

Dad says that when he throws the Frisbee I'm suppose to jump in the air and catch it. How stupid. It would probably hit me in the head if I tried to do that.

A Frisbee isn't like a ball that you can pick up when you've chased it. Frisbees are flat and when they land on the ground you can't pick them up 'cose your nose is in the way. They are quite a stupid toy really and I figure they are only good to play with at the beach. Dad throws it, I don't leap in the air to catch it but instead wait for it to land on the sand, then I dig a hole under it so I can pick it up. Clever A?

Visitors and no Chihuahua

The visitors that Mum said were coming to see her actually did come to see me. I know this 'cose it was me that they said was gorgeous and I got all the pats, not her. Mum's friends even said that FatPoo really was fat so they are definitely my friends now.

Mum said that I was a 'greaser' but I'm sure visitors don't mind if I lean on them and cover them with hair. Dad says that I'm the hairiest goofuss he's ever met and when he showed Mum all my hair that he had gotten off the carpet she said there was enough to make a Chihuahua.

Well I didn't get a Chihuahua but Mum bought me a Frisbee.

stitches out-ch!

I was brave and the stitches are gone.

This isn't a very glamorous picture of the procedure so I tried to hide my face, but I must say it was good that I didn't have to see the vet at all. Mum's friends are nurses and they took the stitches out.
Gail isn't really holding me down, she was just patting me 'cose I'm so lovely, and Christine did a wonderful job of removing the itchy little stitches until the last one when she cut herself with the scalpel. I am very sorry about that but I'm also very relieved that it wasn't me that had to squeal. I would have squealed louder! She said that was the first time she had done that in 30 years but I'm not sure that made her feel any better.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm still bored!!!

I'm still bored and I've been in trouble quite a bit. I really can't see what's wrong with getting into the backseat of the car when Mum leaves me on my own. It's not as if anyone else is using it. She says that I'm not allowed and if I keep doing it there will be trouble but I think if I keep doing it she'll just give up making a fuss about it. Sheesh, what more trouble can there be? She's already had me neutered!

Tomorrow I'm suppose to being going to the vet to get my stitches out. I'm not too sure about that. When Mum says 'vet' it makes me very uncomfortable. She said that getting stitches taken out isn't a big deal, all I know is, the last time I went to a vet the bits he took out were a big deal. Well I thought so anyway!
We're suppose to be having visitors tomorrow as well. Mum's friends are going to come and see me. They are coming all the way from Motueka which is were Mum and Dad used to live. Mum says that they're not coming just to see me but I bet they are, and I bet when they do meet me they'll say I'm 'lovely'. Everyone does.
Mum says I'm getting a fat head and a false sense of importance. I have no idea what she means.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm bored.

I'm bored ..... and Mum thought I'd enjoy going out in the car. I did until I realised we were going to the wool shop and not the dog park! There was an earthquake while she was in the shop and she was taking AGES so I jumped over the back seat. When she came out I was still bored but then I was in trouble as well. Sheesh!

We had to go and get bird food and Mum must have been feeling sorry for me 'cose she stopped at the little dog park and said I wasn't to run around too much. The park has moved! The gates don't shut any more and there are holes and cracks in the ground. Some of them even had sand in them and Mum said that was called liquefaction and happens in an earthquake. It didn't make much sense to me, I was just pleased to be there 'cose I really had to have a bit of 'liquid action' myself. I needed to pee!

I'm going to pray (paws folded) that there are no more earthquakes tonight 'cose I don't want the dog park to move any more. If it moves too far we might not be able to find it again!