Sunday, April 17, 2011

more holiday photos ...... yawn!

I don't think Mum quite understands that I don't care about seeing photos of a stupid holiday that I didn't go on!

the Gondola, Queenstown

the Gypsy Fair. Wanaka

I think Dad must really like trees and water 'cose he takes lots of photos of them. Sometimes he must get sick of them though, 'cose then he takes pictures of old buildings and bridges. There's a bridge in these photos that Mum said must have been built especially for smelly dogs. She said that the top arch was for people in carraiges amd riding horses. The second one was for people walking and the bottom one was for smelly dogs, that's why it's in the water. I don't believe her but she says it's true. I believe anyone who writes stories about Wobblin Goblins could find it quite easy to tell fibs to her dog!

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