Friday, April 22, 2011

Trouble ....

Mum says she's going right off us all. Dogs, cats and birds!

Yesterday we went to the dog park and Hine ran right into the back of Mum's leg. Boy did she yell! (Mum, not Hine) Apparently Hine's got a really bony head and Mum said it bloomin' hurt. She said it was a good thing she had her walking stick or she might have ended up falling on her butt.

The walking stick is another reason Mum's not too keen on us all at the moment. Last week Hine and I knocked it over and the end of it's beak broke off. I don't really know what all the fuss was about. It's not as if it actually used it's beak, it's a wooden stick after all!

Bird's beaks are obviously dangerous anyway. The other day we heard Mum 'Ouch' rather loudly when she was in the bird room. She was moving one of the big cages and Mousy bit her on the finger and made it bleed. She must have enjoyed making Mum say ouch 'cose she's been trying to bite her again ever since.

Mum said that if the BlackCats trip her up again by running through the house like tornados she's going to seriously think about bringing FatPoo home now and sending us all off to somewhere really horrible. I'm not too worried though 'cose she says she can't think of anywhere horrible enough that whould have us all.

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